Detailed Programme

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Here is the detailed programme for SET2019.

11 Replies to “Detailed Programme”

  1. May I please request to let me the tentative schedule for my presentations (submission # 81 and 107). The details are missing.
    Many thanks.

  2. I sent e-mail two times to allocate my submission #158 to a poster session since I submitted it as “poster presentation”. But #158 is still allocated in session 21.
    I only had to send e-mail again, and I hope this time the committee would revise the program.
    Many thanks.

  3. Paper number 250 is suggested for presentation, but not listed in any of presentations sessions.
    While Paper number 333 is suggested for poster presentation, and also is not listed.

  4. the paper titled: Energy and daylight efficient solutions depending on building forms
    Number 256
    is missing from the program

  5. Title and number of my paper are not appearing in the program. If you correct this , I will be very happy.

    Professor Ali KILIÇARSLAN
    Invited Speaker

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